ECOSSON Parabolic Sound Dish
ECOSSON Parabolic Sound Dish
In a nutshell

A parabolic reflector (or dish) is mainly used to cover sporting events, or to capture nature sounds. The principle is simple: the reflector concentrates sound waves parallel to its axis, on its focal point. So, it increases mic directivity and sound pressure received on mic diaphragm. Thus, despite distance, the low sound level of a singing bird will be heard considerably amplified.

The cardioid microphone facing the reflector is placed opposite the sound source. If the microphone has a small diameter diaphragm, capture angle can be so narrow that, except in case of a very distant source, it may be wise to set mic slightly out of focus.

DC Audiovisuel offers two types of reflector: Ecosson reflector, rigid and opaque, fairly heavy, rather intended for fixed installation, and Telinga reflector, translucent and flexible, with foam handle, particularly suited for sporting events or for trekking in wilderness.

Our recommendations

At sporting events, it is necessary to install the dish in higher positions, and to direct it down to avoid capturing crowd noise from stadium opposite side. We strongly advise not to use a reflector in case of high wind; rather use a Zephyx windjammer with «Violent Storm» fur.

This product is commonly named:

Ecosson Universal, Ecosson, Ecosson parabol, parabol, Ecosson dish, dish

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