DCA in the middle of nowhere (photo Pierre Andre)
DCA in the middle of nowhere (photo Pierre Andre)
Is 2010 low cost* year?

At year end, we had lunch with a producer who told us that he just hired a young production manager for his next film. This production manager kept talking about "low cost" technicians. Eager to learn about this new breed of technicians, the producer asked if we had any idea on this issue. So, we told him that "low cost" technicians must accept 50 to 70 % wage reduction, accept to have lunch with just a one-side ham sandwich, to sleep in a mobile home located in a campsite near the shooting, for example deep in the Jura Mountains, in midwinter, must ignore overtime (dirty word), even after 12 hours filming... "Ok I see, he said, nothing but normal, you know; do not forget that material values are not sufficient to satisfy the human spirit!"

It was needless to try to explain him that the true value added of a film lies in the technical and artistic quality provided by professionals. It's the know-how that makes the difference, but it has a cost: the know-how will give value to the work, because technicians are there to help make the right technological choices, suited to the film and its economy.

Low cost or high-tech, sound technicians will nevertheless feel at home by DCA.

This year DC Audiovisuel will be ever more attentive and responsive to all of our clients' needs, advising them on the choice and use of the best equipment, and, of course, making sure that the shoot runs smoothly.

We can apply the philosophy of an old Chinese saying.
"Your problem has a solution? So why do you worry.
Your problem has no solution? So why do you worry."
In both cases the anxiety is unnecessary.

Our main concern can be summarized with the slogan: "If the store is on fire but you have to serve a customer, take care of him first."

On the technical side, there are a lot of new things to come, which will be unveiled throughout the year, and can surely make you drool over! Maybe some could blame us for mixing serious news and lousy puns, but we like this mixture, this rupture of splitting, this Brownian blurring of boundaries. As in life, we can think and learn with laughter.

At the dawn of this New Year, DC Audiovisuel wishes you and your loved ones all the best in 2010.

* Low cost: Race to drastic cost reduction, at the expense of technological and artistic choices.
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