Kaizen by DC Audiovisuel
Kaizen by DC Audiovisuel
After the celebrations, we wish to share with you a year as rich as the previous one, particularly marked by the arrival of Aaton Cantar, which has established itself as the best multitrack recorder, as well with feature films as with TV films.

It seems that the future Cantarine (a field mixer specifically designed for Cantar) is in the pipeline and that the delivery is expected within a few months. Let's hope Aaton company will not rest on its laurels, for competition is never far away.

For this year, DC Audiovisuel, just like a famous Japanese car manufacturer, has decided to adopt the "Kaizen", Japanese technique of quality and service improvement, based on the amount of detail adjustments and improvements that each one can implement in his own position.

And of course, we will strive to always listen to you in order to still better meet your specific needs and desires in a personalized way.

Be certain that we will maintain this strong sense of difference throughout year 2006.
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