DC Audiovisuel 48V Phantom HADES Module
DC Audiovisuel 48V Phantom HADES Module
The benefits of the VdB L48 accessory combined with Audio Limited TX 2020/2040 transmitters are straightforward. Shooting schedules and extreme mobility of the camera usually ban any cable link between boom and recorder. Radiomike link is nowadays compulsory for 90% of the shots.

The L48 accessory, developed in the 90s by the french importer of the english radio sets, has two major drawbacks: it adds a non-negligible weight at top of the boom and suffers from cable weakness at the cylindrical housing entries. Indeed, cable snap is the most frequent failure observed by service dept. at DC Audiovisuel.

Taking advantage of this experience, DC Audiovisuel has developed HADES in collaboration with Cinela.

HADES is a new 48 volt Phantom power supply module that takes advantage of the significant progress made in twenty years by electronic components, increased integration and lowered power drain.

HADES module is directly fitted inside the new Cinela PIANO windscreen which results in:

- space saving,
- weight saving, as the module comes without any metal housing nor encapsulating resin. Still the module is protected by a waterproofing varnish.
- connectors saving (minus 2 XLR), the output being directly fed on a Lemo 6 connector.

HADES performances are outstanding, both in terms of efficiency and noise, and no compromise has been made on sound quality by using a high grade audio transformer.

HADES prototype is at present time under test in harsh marine environment. The first units will be available for rent at DC Audiovisuel early December.
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