BOOM AUDIO Kit Cool en situation
BOOM AUDIO Kit Cool en situation
Ce qu'il (elle) en pense

My name is Jeff Pullman. I am currently the production sound mixer on the HBO production 'In Treatment', now in its third season. This is my first time on the show and in discovering the production requirements for the show the 'Kit Cool' came to mind. (but not having physically seen it). In discussions with my boom operators we researched numerous options; Fisher booms, stand mounts and a few other crazy ideas along with the Kit Cool.
Peter Schneider at Gotham Sound in New York arranged a demo for Neil Danziger the boom operator on the show. Neil and the Kit Cool hit it off immediately, and Neil is VERY particular.
The requirements of the show are as follows: a four walled set with two or more actors in a psychiatrists office having a session essentially in real time. Therefore, 15-20 minute takes with multiple back to back takes and with two booms 99% of the time. Needless to say holding a boom that long...!!! We record 3 or more hours of actual material per day and at the end of it the boom operators still have energy to spare. Neil has expressed a great appreciation for the device. We have purchased two.
It appears to us that the future of TV in the digital format has now pushed the sound department to its physical limits and in a situation, particularly on this show where 95% of the dialogue can be recorded with a boom mic the 'Kit Cool' has saved the day!
We are considering an article concerning our approach to the show and will shortly have photos available. I would highly recommend this device be considered by any sound department as a remedy for 'Long Take Syndrome'... "Don't cut... Keep rolling!!!..."...

Jeff Pullman CAS
Production Sound Mixer
HBO-'In Treatment'
East Brunswick, New Jersey

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