WISYCOM Additional CMR 38 Radio Receiver Earplug (Phonak)
WISYCOM Additional CMR 38 Radio Receiver Earplug (Phonak)
In a nutshell

Wysicom Microear CMR 38, narrowband FM in-ear receiver, is the smallest in the world.
The Phonak earphone (Wysicom CMR 38), whose flesh-colour latex shell can be shaped after actor auditory canal, is almost entirely integrated in ear pavilion, and delivers rather reduced quality signal, but sufficient for guide lines or orders. Several receivers can be tuned on one transmitter, Motorola GP300 ou Pastega CTK 38.Receivers are provided with batteries as well as cleaning accessories and spare parts for total hygiene.

Our recommendations

Between successive uses of receiver, one must check that the tip of the in-ear receiver has not been blocked by any part unseen after previous use.

This product is commonly named:

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Technical specifications

CMR38-HV Microear (Phonak) récepteur VHF bande étroite, miniature surmoulé s'insérant dans l'oreille, non diversity, monocanal, porteuse de 138 à 190 MHz. Squelch automatique, inter. marche/arrêt, transducteur éléctromagnétique, deux niveaux d'écoute, niveau max. 104 dB SPL. BP : 200-4 kHz, THD<4% excursion nominale. Antenne magnétique intégrée.

Connectors, Power & Dimensions

Alim. interne par pile Zinc/air 1.3 V., type A10. Autonomie env. 12 h. suivant niveau d'écoute. Dimensions 1.75 cm x 1.1 cm x 0.5 cm, masse 0.0014 kg.

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