FOSTEX PD-6 DVD 6-Track Top Panel
FOSTEX PD-6 DVD 6-Track Top Panel
FOSTEX PD-6 DVD 6-Track Front Panel
FOSTEX PD-6 DVD 6-Track Front Panel
FOSTEX PD-6 DVD 6-Track Left Panel
FOSTEX PD-6 DVD 6-Track Left Panel
FOSTEX PD-6 DVD 6-Track Right Panel
FOSTEX PD-6 DVD 6-Track Right Panel
In a nutshell

With Fostex PD-6, unlike its American and European competitors, Fostex offers a multitrack recorder with removable media: no hard disk in the PD-6 but a mini 8 cm diameter DVD-RAM in a protective case, reversible like an analog cassette. Thus the daily recording delivery to post is immediate; there is no need to copy hard disk content to another medium. The manufacturers have drawn inspiration from the PD 4, thus insuring ergonomic continuity: great facility for configuring track number and sampling frequency, a file containing intertwined tracks and a file for mixdown, a mixer type multipoint connector for sending L & R tracks (mixdown) to video camera and get back outputs, flexible monitoring through built-in speaker, analog monitoring selector with a lot of possibilities... But some points can be criticized : no entry allocation toward tracks, only from tracks (bus) to mixdown (L & R), no continuous take playback, but only file by file, the analog monitoring selector only offers certain options and going from an option to another is not always easy (rotary switches), recording is not possible without previous DVD-RAM formatting and lastly, for the time being, very heavy power consumption, so much so that an external battery is necessary for any field use.

PD-6 is provided with an AudioBag bag.

This product is commonly named:

Fostex PD6, Fostex PD 6, Fostex PD-6, PD6, PD 6, PD-6

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Technical specifications

6 pistes (2, 4, 5 ou 6, 5+1, 6+2) numériques sur mini DVD-RAM (8cm) E-IDE, réversible, format UDF.
Fichiers BWF, résolution 16 ou 24 bits, échantillonage 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 kHz.
Posibilité de réduction 5x1, ou 4x2.


6 entrées analogiques symétriques niveau micro (12 V. T, 48 V. Ph.) -40 dBm max., ou ligne +24 dBm max., sur XLR3F.
1 limiteur par voie, filtre coupe-bas à fréquence et pente variables.
1 entrée stéréo analogique ligne asymétrique "Aux. In" (conn. Hirose 10 pts).
6 entrées numériques (3 paires) SPDIF/AES-EBU (Sub-D 25 pts).


6 sorties ligne analogiques symétriques (+24 dBm max.) sur XLR3M.
2 sorties analogiques L & R "Aux. Out" niveau micro/ligne (+24 dBm max.,conn. Hirose 10 pts).
6 sorties numériques (3 paires) SPDIF/AES-EBU (Sub-D 25 pts).
1 sortie casque permettant toutes les configurations d'écoute.

Sync & Time Code

Code temporel SMPTE symétrique E/S, formats (i/s) : 23.976, 24, 25, 29.97 DF & NDF, 30 DF & NDF, conn. XLR3 x 2.
Video Sync, Word in, Word out : conn. BNC x 2.
Gestion du code Aaton en option (conn. Lemo 5 pts).
Port mini DIN 8 pts. (télécommande), port USB type 2 (clavier), port IEEE 1394 (PC Windows).

Power & Dimensions

Alimentation externe 12 à 18 volts par conn. XLR4M, alimentation interne par NP-1, autonomie env. 2 H. avec Li-Ion. Puissance consommée : 25 watts.
Dim. : 33.5 cm x 11 cm x 24 cm. Masse 3.5 kg sans batterie.

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