M3i PAD30 Preamp
M3i PAD30 Preamp
In a nutshell

PAD30, designed by M3i, is a small microphone preamp which increases the microphone signal from +30 up to +40 dB. It is specially adapted for low sensibility microphone like the Beyer M 160, a double ribbon dynamic microphone which made famous the french production sound in the old times. On the other hand, the increased background noise of the microphone gets really audible!

Our recommendations

The PAD30 is directly powered by the 12V or 48V Phantom power of the mike input. Be careful not to plug directly a ribbon microphone into a 48V Phantom powered input ; it would definitively destroy the microphone!

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Technical specifications

1 entrée symétrique niveau micro sur connecteur XLR3F.
Niveau d'entrée max - 30 dBm.


Gain +30 dB à +40 dB.
Bande passante 40 Hz - 18 kHz.
Distortion max. < 0,1%.
Bruit -128 dBm (entrée chargée sous 200 Ohms).


1 sortie symétrique sur connecteur XLR3M.
Niveau de sortie max. +2 dBm.

Power & Dimensions

Alimenté par Phantom 12/48V depuis l'entrée microphone.
Consommation 7,5/10,5 mA (12/48V).
Dimensions 100 x 22 mm.
Masse 0.200 kg.

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