AQUARIAN H2a-XLR Hydrophone + 9m Cable
AQUARIAN H2a-XLR Hydrophone + 9m Cable
In a nutshell

The Aquarian H2A is a compact and economical hydrophone with a 9-meter waterproof cable with a male XLR3 plug at the end.

It is powered by 48V Phantom but be careful, its wiring is asymmetrical and only pins 1 and 2 of the XLR are connected. This ensures a lower consumption in an environment where the absence of electrical disturbances in aqueous environment avoids having to use a symetrical transmission more power consuming.

This hydrophone can also be used as a surface vibration sensor by adding a small rubber cap supplied with it.

Our recommendations

Asymmetric transmission of this hydrophone may be problematic in swimming pools where water pumps can disturb.

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