SCHOEPS CCM 2 Frequency Response and Polar Pattern
SCHOEPS CCM 2 Frequency Response and Polar Pattern
In a nutshell

Schoeps CCM 2 omnidirectional microphone has a dazzling performance/bulkiness ratio... Miniature Schoeps CCM x L series microphones integrate in one small body an MK series capsule and a miniaturized version of CMC 6 microphone preamp (12-48V Phantom powered). Output uses a miniature 3 points Lemo coaxial connector. CCM x series microphones have neither attenuator, nor low-cut filter, and are not modular. A large number of accessories allowing many fittings and combinations have perpetuated Schoeps success with televisions and radios.

Our recommendations

CCM 2 SLg capsule is calibrated for diffuse-field recording (approximately +4 dB to 12 KHz bump), i.e. at a higher distance from source than room critical radius. This brightness can also compensate for non-frontal incidence (high frequency mask due to microphone body). Like all MK series capsules, CCM 2 SLg requires protection against wind (foam or polyester basket-type B 20/W 20 windscreens). Schoeps ACA53 suspension, Shure SM53 by-product, allows CCM 2 to be mounted on boom.

This product is commonly named:

Schoeps CCM 2, Schoeps CCM2, Schoeps CCM-2, CCM 2, CCM2, CCM-2

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Technical specifications
Type & Power

Statique miniature à condensateur, alim Ph. 12 V (8 mA)/48 V (4 mA).


15 mV/Pa ; niveau max. 130 dB pour THD<0.5%.

Directivity & Bandwidth

Capteur de pression ; omnidirectionnel (env.+4 dB à 12 kHz), BP : 20 - 20 kHz, ± 3 dB.

Connectors & Dimensions

Dimensions 4.6 cm x 2 cm (diam.), masse 0.045 kg. Conn. XLR3M

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