LECTROSONICS IFBR5 Single Receiver + Headphone
LECTROSONICS IFBR5 Single Receiver + Headphone
SENNHEISER HD 219 Headphone
SENNHEISER HD 219 Headphone
In a nutshell

Lectrosonics IFB System, made up of one IFBT6 transmitter and several IFBR5 receivers, makes it possible to dispatch wireless monitoring to stereo or mono headphones. The Lectrosonic Itransmitter broadcasts on the UHF band, with a choice of 256 frequencies which makes it possible to avoid interferences with other wireless systems. The Lectrosonics IFBT6 transmitter, provided with a metal case, is well screened and shielded and does not pollute nearby equipment. The Lectrosonics IFBR5 receiver, also provided with a metal case, is tunable to all transmitter frequency band and its handling is very simple (automatic scanning process); it doesn't need an external antenna and can be used with any headphones model. IFB System should be used when a large number of receivers are needed.

Our recommendations

- Lectrosonics IFB system is only a monitoring system and, even if compression/expansion process has a good signal-to-noise ratio, bandwidth is small and pre-transmitting limiter cannot be released; it drastically reduces line-level input signal dynamics and pumping effect is quite audible: it is thus advised to under-modulate on transmitter input (about -12 dB).
- Its metal case is very sturdy, but also very heavy, making vulnerable all projecting parts, mainly output level control and mini phone jack.

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Technical specifications

IFB R5 récepteur de poche non diversity, multicanal (16 x 16), porteuse de 537 à 860 MHz, squelch automatique, balayage et accord automatique ; 1 sortie casque/ligne 50 Ohms, niveau de sortie +4 dBm, attén. par pot. Le câble du casque sert d'antenne ! Indication de batterie faible, de recherche d'accord et de canal par DEL. THD<1% excursion max., BP : 100-10 KHz, +-1 dB. Casque ouvert Sony MDR-301.

Connectors, Power & Dimensions

Conn. sortie BF mini jack F stéréo/mono 3.5 mm ; la masse du câble casque sert d'antenne. Alim interne pile LR61 9 V., alim externe 10-18 V.DC par bloc adaptateur interne MBATELIM.
Dimensions 9.1 cm x 6.1 cm x 2 cm, masse 0.21 kg sans pile.

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