In a nutshell

Samson S.Direct SD100 aluminum direct insertion box is very robust because it is equipped with large rubber corners that protect it effectively. It allows the connection of a musical instrument with high-impedance asymmetrical output to a mixer low-impedance symmetrical input. The SD100 using an electronic circuit, it must be powered either by its internal battery (9 V), or by mixer 48 V Phantom (24 V supported).

Front panel provides 1/4" Jack asymmetrical input, link 1/4" Jack output to connect guitar to amplifier with symmetrical mixer connection, and an input level selection switch:
- GTR (Guitar), more than 1 megohm impedance.
- SPK (Speaker), 10 kilo-ohms impedance.

Rear panel provides XLR3M mixer output next to battery housing, power switch (battery or Phantom) and a switchable ground lift, to avoid loops.

Our recommendations

Beware of Phantom LED display which is not very bright.

Set between the two Jack connectors, input level push button is hardly visible because it is black on black background and can be pressed accidentally, and so be on wrong level. A color button would have simplified control.

This product is commonly named:

Samson S.Direct SD100, Samson SDirect SD100, Samson S-Direct SD100, Samson S.Direct SD 100, Samson SDirect SD-100, Samson S-Direct SD.100, S.Direct SD100, SDirect SD100, S-Direct SD100, S.Direct SD 100, SDirect SD-100, S-Direct SD.100

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