AATON CANTAR 8-Track Right Side
AATON CANTAR 8-Track Right Side
AATON CANTAR 8-Track with Cantarem
AATON CANTAR 8-Track with Cantarem
In a nutshell

Aaton, before Cantar, first approached sound with synchronization. Bolstered up by their strong establishment on shooting sets and having been much blessed by operators and camera assistants for the ergonomics of their movie cameras and accessories, Aaton has now decided to occupy the space left vacant by Swiss manufacturers on the portable digital recorder market. The Cantar-X integrates high-level analogical electronics in an over the shoulder device without giving up the quality of input transformers. Mixing famous and tested Swiss ergonomics with the most recent computer technologies, the Cantar-X provides from one to eight tracks, with five high quality microphone inputs, four line inputs and six digital AES-EBU inputs, on internal and external hard disks as on various external and internal media. Providing three wide circular LCD modulometers and large control knobs, it is brought up in a very compact, strong and waterproof case, with protected connectors. Power consumption is adjustable and autonomy astonishing. The Cantar-X is in permanent evolution thanks to the reactivity of Aaton engineers to the numerous remarks, criticisms and requests of sound mixers, either concerning on-set user interface or dealing with post-production format recognition.

Depending availability, Cantar is provided with an AudioBag, Idequation or KT Systems bag. Also available a special Idequation bag for Cantar + Cantarem.

This product is commonly named:

Aaton Cantar, Aaton Cantar-X, Cantar, Cantar-X, Cantar-X2, X2

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Technical specifications

8 pistes (de 1 à 8, 6+2) numériques sur disque dur 2,5" FireWire/mémoire flash interne extractibles ET Disque dur/DVD-RAM externe. Enregistrement sur six pistes, plus deux de réduction (6x2) ou pour une paire AES/EBU supplémentaire. Graveur de CDR/DVD+R embarqué.
Format FAT 32, résolution 16 ou 24 bits, échantillonnage de 44,1 à 96,096 KHz en entrées/sorties, convertisseurs de fréquence incorporés. Fichiers monophoniques type BWF AES 31.


5 entrées micro analogiques symétriques (max +10 dBm) alim. 48 V. Ph.
4 entrées ligne analogiques symétriques (max +22 dBm) - sur connecteurs XLR3F.
8 entrées numériques (4 paires) AES/EBU (Sub-D 25 pts).


2 sorties ligne analogiques symétriques (XLR5M, max. +22 dBm),
2 sorties analogiques niveau ligne asymétriques (mini jack 3,5 mm),
8 sorties numériques (4 paires) AES/EBU (Sub-D 25 pts).
1 sortie casque permettant toutes les configurations d'écoute.

Sync & Time Code

Code temporel SMPTE interne, formats (i/s) : 23,98, 24, 25, 29,97 DF & NDF, 30 DF & NDF. Mode Chase (asservissement).
Entrée/sortie Code Temporel (SMPTE/Aaton) sur conn. LEMO. Video Sync., Ext. Word, LTC in/out (Sub-D 15 pts). Télécommande par port RS422.

Power & Dimensions

Alimentation interne : 2 batteries Aaton 12 V Ni MH (autonomie env. 8 h). Alimentation externe (XLR4M). Puissance consommée : de 8 à 14 watts suivant alim 48 V., E/S numériques et type de DD.

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