SOUND DEVICES 702T 2-Track Front Panel
SOUND DEVICES 702T 2-Track Front Panel
SOUND DEVICES 702T 2-Track Rear Panel
SOUND DEVICES 702T 2-Track Rear Panel
SOUND DEVICES 702T 2-Track Left Panel
SOUND DEVICES 702T 2-Track Left Panel
SOUND DEVICES 702T 2-Track Right Panel
SOUND DEVICES 702T 2-Track Right Panel
In a nutshell

Sound Devices 702T recorder is true to the good ergonomics reputation of its manufacturer. Two good microphone preamps and a digital two-track Compact Flash recorder are set together in a sturdy compact case. Except for lack of HDD, the 722 recorder is more comprehensive than Sound Devices 722 and 744T. Totally versatile, the 702T can record and play one- or two-channel BWF files, at 16 or 24 bits with sample rates between 32 kHz and 192 kHz. MP3 audio playback from 64 kb/s to 320 kb/s are also supported.

On the left panel, globally dedicated to analogical in- and outputs, 2 XLR microphone/line inputs (among which one is switchable to stereo AES input) are front fader controlled. There are two line outputs, routed via L&R Master: one is symmetrical on TA3 connector, the other is asymmetrical on stereo mini jack.

Right panel is dedicated to powering (10 V to 18 V) and to numerical and data connectors. There, are found stereo AES SPDIF-compatible input and output, Word-Clock input and output on BNC and the essential Firewire port. Two RJ12 connectors will, in the future, make possible to synchronize and control together several 722 recorders. A 4-pin Lemo connector on Ambient's standard provides full TC management.

Two long LED level-meter, always clearly viewable, and a backlit LCD display, of same size, are set on front panel, leaving little room for input controls and function keys, which are, however, laid out in a very clever way. A set of colored mini diodes indicates level, input or output various statuses, but their very close setting makes reading difficult.

Menu navigation is easy thanks to an instant access key. A pressure rotary switch, which is also a monitor control as on Fostex PD-6 recorder, makes possible to quickly validate selections. Menu organization and display are clear, but, in record and playback modes, too much information also makes reading difficult.

As there is no HDD, the internal Sony M- or L-type Li-Ion battery provides several hours powering, yet, use of an external battery is highly advised.

Like Fostex FR-2, Sound Devices has chosen Compact Flash Card as recording and portable storage medium, unless burning DVD on laptop via Firewire connection. Firewire port can also control an external DVD-Ram burner. A 2 Go card is supplied with the recorder, providing 2 hours of 48 KHz/24 bit recording on 2 tracks. Otherwise, DCAudiovisuel supplies an external Apacer burner for safe portable storage.

Thus, in spite of its limited audio inputs (no real input trim nor progressive low-cut filter) and with lack of HDD and lack of a true independent backup medium, the 702T is a compact two-track recorder which will be used first for sync recording in field conditions and for short film shoots.

Depending availability, 702T is provided with an AudioBag or PortaBrace bag.

This product is commonly named:

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Technical specifications

2 pistes numériques sur Compact Flash type I et II ou disque dur externe Firewire. Format FAT 32.
Enregistrement sur 2 pistes.
Résolution 16 ou 24 bits, échantillonnage de 32 à 192 KHz en entrées/sorties,
convertisseurs de fréquence incorporés 24 bits/192 kHz.
Traitement interne des données en 32 bits, dynamique 192 dB,
Fichiers monophoniques ou polyphoniques type WAV AES 31,
Fichiers stéréo FLAC,
Fichiers stéréo MP3 32 à 320 ko/s,
Fichiers stéréo MP2 64 à 384 ko/s.


1 entrée micro/ligne analogique symétrique alim. 48 V. Ph. (XLR3F x 1 partagée),
1 entrée micro/ligne analogique symétrique alim. 48 V. Ph. (XLR3F x 1),
1 entrée numérique asymétrique (1 paire) AES3/SPDIF (BNC).


2 sorties micro/ligne analogiques symétriques (TA3M),
1 sortie ligne stéréo analogique asymétrique (-10 dBV. mini jack TSR 3,5 mm),
1 sortie numérique asymétrique (1 paire) AES3 (BNC),
1 sortie casque permettant toutes les configurations d'écoute (mini jack 3.5 mm),
1 port Firewire 400 (IEEE-1394a).

Sync & Time Code

Code temporel SMPTE interne, formats (i/s) : 23,976, 24, 25, 29,97 DF & NDF, 30 DF & NDF, 30+,
Mode Chase (asservissement),
Entrée/sortie Code Temporel SMPTE sur connecteur LEMO 5 points.
Entrée Video Sync. sur BNC,
Sortie Wordclock sur BNC,
Télécommande/liaison sur RJ-12.

Power & Dimensions

Alimentation interne : 1 batterie type Sony M ou L de 1500 à 7000 mAh,
Alimentation externe (Hirose 4 pts) 10 à 18 volts,
Consommation : minimum 1000 mA suivant alim 48 V., E/S numériques et type de DD.

Dimensions (H x L x P) : 45 mm x 209 mm x 125 mm
Poids (sans batterie) : 0,97 kg

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