SCHOEPS LC 60 Low-Cut Filter
SCHOEPS LC 60 Low-Cut Filter
In a nutshell

The Schoeps LC 60 is an active 18 dB/oct roll-off filter at 60 Hz. It is 12 V or 48 V Phantom powered. It could be plugged inline on any microphone input thanks to its XLR 3F / XLR 3M connectors.

Our recommendations

It is highly recommanded to use this filter on the Cantar's microphone inputs in order to avoid audible digitalization noise generated by ultra low frequencies in the preamps stage of this recorder.

Higher sensibility to radio interferences could be then noted.

This product is commonly named:

Schoeps LC 60, Schoeps LC60, Schoeps LC-60, LC 60, LC60, LC-60

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