SCHOEPS CMIT 5 Frequency Response
SCHOEPS CMIT 5 Frequency Response
SCHOEPS CMIT 5 Polar Pattern
SCHOEPS CMIT 5 Polar Pattern
In a nutshell

There is something like Austrian in this new CMIT 5 U, a supercardioïde half-shotgun microphone with interference tube which Schoeps was until now refusing to use technology. Schoeps did not consider it worthy of his reputation because of the acoustic defects that it presents, particularly on off-axis.

By working with the inventor of the interference tube, Schoeps thus launches out in competition with Neumann KMR 81 or Sennheiser MKH 60, in order to face an increasing request for this kind of microphone. The CMIT 5 U definitively breaks with the Schoeps tradition by the anodized blue colour on aluminium material, the technology, the ultra light weight, the electronics which includes a low-cut, a roll-off and a high-frequency emphasis filter, and leds indicators always lighting, something that could be irritating on production set.

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Our recommendations

First try on production set reveals a notable sensibility to moisture.

This product is commonly named:

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Technical specifications
Type & Power

Statique à condensateur, alim. 48 V.Ph., conso. 4.4 mA.


17 mV/Pa ; niveau max. 132 dB SPL pour THD<0.5%.

Directivity & Bandwidth

Gradient de pression ; super cardioïde à lobe (semi-canon) ; BP : 40 Hz- 20 kHz, ± 3 dB ; coupe-bas. 80 Hz à 18 db/oct., 300 Hz à 6 db/oct., présence +5 dB à 10 kHz.

Connectors & Dimensions

Dimensions 25 cm x 21 mm (diam.), masse 0.089 kg. Conn. XLR3M

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