AVALON 737 Tubes Preamp + Compressor
AVALON 737 Tubes Preamp + Compressor
AVALON 737 Tubes Preamp + Compressor Rear Panel
AVALON 737 Tubes Preamp + Compressor Rear Panel
In a nutshell

Avalon 737 preamp / opto-compressor still remains a reference for music studios: the best singers can be thankful for its 100% analog electronics sounding, warmth and transparency. It is used more and more on production sets, when sound dynamics becomes tricky: alternately whispered and shouted dialog, total improvisation... Nevertheless, the Avalon 737 remains a studio device: it is only AC powered, needs a line isolated from ballasts and other interferences, and is a high power consumer; the fragile vacuum tubes need a few minutes pre-heating and the device must be ventilated to drain away heat. So, it is not really fitted for outdoor production set,

This product is commonly named:

Avalon 737, 737

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Technical specifications

1 entrée symétrique micro (-40 dBm).
1 entrée symétrique ligne (0 dBm), XLR3F x 2.
1 entrée asymétrique instrument (haute impédance, -10 dBm), jack mono 6.35 mm x 1.


Amplification à lampes avec coupe bas variable (30 à 140 Hz) ; compresseur réglable (seuil, taux, attaque, relâchement) ; égaliseur 4 bandes dont 2 paramétriques (Lo med & Hi med), insérable avant compression ; taux de compression et niveau de sortie : VU-mètre à aiguille.


1 sortie symétrique niveau ligne réglable de -36 à +14 dBm, XLR3M x 1.
Pas de sortie casque.

Power & Dimensions

Alimentation 110/220 V.AC, consommation env. 75 W.
Dimensions 48 cm x 30 cm x 9 cm, masse 11.8 kg.

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