SONOSAX SX-ST8D/8 Desk Mixer 8 Inputs 8 Outputs
SONOSAX SX-ST8D/8 Desk Mixer 8 Inputs 8 Outputs
SONOSAX SX-ST8D/8 Desk Mixer 8 Inputs 8 Outputs Input Module and Outputs Module
SONOSAX SX-ST8D/8 Desk Mixer 8 Inputs 8 Outputs Input Module and Outputs Module
SONOSAX SX-ST8D/8 Desk Mixer 8 Inputs 8 Outputs Rear Panel
SONOSAX SX-ST8D/8 Desk Mixer 8 Inputs 8 Outputs Rear Panel
In a nutshell

Sonosax SX-ST8D/8, the long-awaited substitute for the SX-S mixer, is here at last! The SX-ST takes up the very successful design of the former model, with excellent ergonomics. It is intended for 8 or 10 channels, or 8 channels with 8 DIGITAL outputs. Available model is 8 channels with analog outputs.

On each channel, eight switchable outputs, with or without pan-pot, and four auxiliary pre or post-fader outputs mark out the SX-ST for multitrack sound recording offering a perfect adequacy to Cantar, Deva V or Portadrive.

Thanks to very high dynamics and to a headroom level never reached before, the SX-ST will, at last, be able to stand strongest shouting and most intimate whispering. On inputs, a sensitivity selector, together with a calibrated central position trim, supports all types of inputs, from line level to high-sensitivity condenser mics, as well as low-sensitivity dynamic microphones. A double led mini-bargraph makes input level control possible, with persistent overload indication, as well as output level. At last, a switch allows one to select the desirable headroom level, 12 or 24 dB, with double graduation of the new waterproof faders, the 0 dB being set low enough for being able either to stand strong level, or, on the contrary, to turn up the weakest modulations.

The equalization section has not been changed; one may perhaps regret the lack of a second parametric and the fact that the limiter, which is also similar, is still post gain control, but with a 24 dB headroom, it will be much less useful.

Each channel at last has an ON-switch as well as true separated Mute and a very complete PFL/AFL system (inclusive or exclusive) and SOLO system (careful! The Solo position has a direct effect on outputs).

The master section groups together outputs two by two, each one allotable to one of the four auxiliaries. An independent mini-bargraph for each one as well as two needle modulometers, also working as phase correlator for the stereo monitoring bus, allow accurate modulation control.

An optional module with 8 digital AES outputs (44.1-192 kHz, 16-24 bits), multitrack monitoring and output limiter offers recorder remote control.

Three monitoring outputs with slate mic, output and monitoring selection, as well as eight-track monitoring, take up the usual American monitoring pattern towards boom operator, continuity and director, and offer many other monitoring patterns when combined with the four auxiliaries. Headphone monitoring is much too round on low medium (with DT 48 Headphone).

Though the SX-ST (16.10" wide, 17.20" long for 10 channel case) is wider and longer than SX-S, it can easily be fitted on DC Audiovisuel sound carts. Its larger power consumption (16 W) will require proper feed.

This product is commonly named:

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Technical specifications

8 entrées symétriques micro (48/12 V.Ph., 12 V.T, Dyn.)/ligne, XLR3F x 8 ou Sub D25 x 1.
8 entrées ligne symétriques (Return, + 6dBu ou +4dBu), Sub D25 x 1.
1 entrée micro d'ordre avec alimentation pour électret, Binder 5 pins.


Par voie : sensibilité d'entrée continue (Trim) et par plot de 12 dB, bargraph à led d'entrée et de sortie, limiteur réglable débrayable avec led d'indication, sélecteur de niveau du fader (-12 dB ou -24 dB), mute, solo PFL ou AFL, atténuateur -20 dB, inverseur de phase, coupe-bas fréq. continument variable (de 20 à 500 Hz, -12 dB/oct.), égaliseur 3 bandes débrayable, 4 départ d'auxiliaire dosables, 8 départs généraux avec ou sans panoramique continu.


8 sorties symétriques ligne (+6 dBm), XLR3M x 4 et Sub D25 x 1.
8 sorties ligne asymétriques Direct Out (Pre +6 dBm, Post -4 dBm), Sub D25 x 1.
4 sorties ligne pseudo-symétrique (Aux, +6 dBm), XLR3M x 4 ou Sub D15 x 1.
1 sortie stéréo asymétrique ligne (Monitor, +6 dBm), Sub D15 x 1.
1 sortie casque, jack stéréo F 6.35 mm.

Power & Dimensions

Alimentation interne 12 piles LR 20 1.5 V., autonomie env. 5 h. toutes tranches allumées avec leds et vu-mètre, sans Phantom ni casque. Alimentation externe de 10 à 18 V.DC, conn. XLR4M. Consommation env. 16 W.
Dimensions 41 cm x 44 cm x 7.4 cm, masse 7.9 kg sans pile.

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