BEYER M 69 Frequency Response
BEYER M 69 Frequency Response
BEYER M 69 Polar Pattern
BEYER M 69 Polar Pattern
In a nutshell

Beyer M 69 is M 88 little brother, with same sensitivity but less extended response. This moving coil hypercardioid microphone is very sturdy and can be a useful secondary microphone for voices or instruments. Its low bass sensitivity makes it less proximity effect sensitive than other microphones. It has not been designed to be handheld.

This product is commonly named:

Beyer M 69, Beyer M69, Beyer M-69, M 69, M69, M-69

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Technical specifications
Type & Power

Dynamique à bobine mobile.


2.3 mV/Pa.

Directivity & Bandwidth

Gradient de pression ; hypercardioïde, BP : 50 - 16 kHz, ± 3 dB.

Connectors & Dimensions

Dimensions 18 cm x 2.6 cm (diam.)/4.9 cm (tête), masse 0.32 kg. Conn. XLR3M.

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