REVOX B77 1/4" 2-Track
REVOX B77 1/4" 2-Track
In a nutshell

Revox B77 is made by the famous manufacturer Studer consumer brand, a reference for analog studio recorders: Swiss precision and unfailing sturdiness. Tape speeds are the same than professional devices (7.5 and 15 ips) and signal modulation is recorded on the whole tape width (non-reversible tape), which provides the best possible signal-to-noise ratio. Very popular with radio broadcasting, theaters, slideshows, the devices rented out by DC Audiovisuel are packaged in flight cases, mostly intended for long recordings (lectures, meetings) or editing playback (wild track playback). They can also be used as field editing sound-deck (lighter than the old French TV Broadcast Schlumberger recorder!). Let's underline that Revox B77 is one of the very few available real two-track recorders, which means that it is possible to record on one track without erasing the other one: very useful for music dummy track or voice-over recording (re-recording).

This product is commonly named:

Revox B77, Revox B 77, Revox B-77, Revox B.77, B77, B 77, B-77, B.77

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Technical specifications

2 pistes analogiques indépendantes sur bande magnétique largeur 6.35 mm, type EMTEC SM468, non réversible. Vitesses 19 et 38 cm/s. Egalisation CCIR/IEC. Bi-piste, re-recording possible.


2 entrées analogiques ligne asymétriques (-10 dBm), Cinch x 2.
2 entrées analogiques asymétriques niveau micro (haute ou basse impédance, -50 dBm), jack 1/4" mono x 2 ;
commutations des entrées L et R indépendantes.


2 sorties ligne asymétriques (-10 dBm), Cinch x 2.
2 sorties casque avec sélecteur d'écoute.

Sync & Time Code

Le B77 ne gère pas le code temporel, n'est pas synchronisable ni asservissable (en version d'origine).

Power & Dimensions

Alimentation secteur 110/220 V.AC interne ; consommation env. 80 W.
Dimensions 45 cm x 42 cm 21 cm. Masse env 17 kg.

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