Supports and Repairs
Supports and Repairs
Supports and Repairs
Supports and Repairs
Supports and Repairs
Supports and Repairs
In a nutshell

More than twenty five years of location sound rental lead us, through circumstances, to acquire maintenance control of the most current devices.
- Tape recorders: replacement, after diagnosis, of defective or worn parts on the analogical recorders, from Nagra 4 to T-Audio, then mechanics and electronics calibrations of these devices.
- DAT: light and current maintenance of DAT recorders (Sony, Fostex), such as cleaning and connectors, switches, keys and keyboards replacement.
- Field mixers: repair of SQN mixers, all types and all series; connectors, potentiometers, switches, galvanometers replacement, electronic failure research leading then to a consequently intervention.
- Desk mixers: complete maintenance of desk mixers (Sonosax), from potentiometers and switches replacement to the electronic circuits repair, to the internal wiring adaptation in case of the addition of a new module.
- Radio mikes: repair and adjustments of the Audio HF Ltd, Sennheiser and Comtek radio sets (excursion, distortion, bandwidth and spectrum) thanks to a spare parts stock and the dedicated Rohde & Schwarz CMS50 measurement bench.
- Microphones: damaged mechanical parts repair, accordance of body and capsule, connector replacement, of static microphones (Neumann, Sennheiser, Schoeps) and dynamic (Beyer, Shure).
- Headphones: Beyer DT 48, mechanics and electric, and Sennheiser HD 25 repair (cables, foams, speaker cell).
- Boompoles: most current boompoles (VdB, Ambient) integral cleaning and repair: functional adjustment, screw lock tightening, damaged segment replacement.
- Walkie-talkies: Motorola GP300 repair and adjustments (frequencies, power, private line, channels separation) thanks to a complete spare parts stock and with a dedicated data-processing bench: DC Audiovisuel is a Motorola approved dealer.

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