Transfer to AVID with Master CD-Rom Burning
Transfer to AVID with Master CD-Rom Burning
In a nutshell

Transfer to AVID with Master CD-Rom Burning: when working for virtual editing on a non linear system (NLS: AVID Film Composer, APPLE Final Cut Pro, LIGHTWORKS Touch), our technician listens to the whole of the sound dailies, identifies each take after the other and transfers them to CD-Rom. This CD-Rom contains, according to film editor's wishes:
- either a true copy of the original one, regarding the number of tracks (once film editing is over, film-editing workstation hard drives are directly mounted onto the digital audio workstation [DAW]).
- or a two-track or mono mixdown, providing easier use and convenience to the film editor in case of a multitrack sound recording.
Once film editing is over, an editing decision list (EDL) is directly issued by the film-editing workstation (NLS) and allows a very fast conformation process, directly carried out by Pyramix available at DC Audiovisuel.

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