SONY TC-D5M Stereo 1/8" Cassette
SONY TC-D5M Stereo 1/8" Cassette
In a nutshell

Sony TC-D5 M, formerly very popular with radio reporters, was later replaced by MiniDisc and Nagra ARES. People liked it mostly for its universal media - the analog cassette - which is available almost everywhere in the world and very steady. It's a stereo recorder, providing separate level displays, choice of four tape types, releasable limiter and noise reducer (Dolby B), inertial wheel speed stabilization, 6.35 mm jack unbalanced microphone inputs, built-in monitor speaker. In brief, it's a sturdy, easy to use device, perfect for amateurs put off by professional standards. Let's also underline that TC-D5M is neither remote controllable nor synchronizable (there is no internal quartz) and that it does not provide confidence monitoring (it has only one head for recording and playback).

This product is commonly named:

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Technical specifications

2 pistes analogiques sur cassette type "Normal", "FeCr", "CrO2", "Metal", prémagnétisation et égalisation couplées. 2 têtes (pas de contrôle après bande). Dolby type "B" débrayable. Limiteur débrayable.


2 entrées analogiques asymétriques ligne (-20 dBm), Cinch x 2.
2 entrées analogiques asymétriques micro (-70 dBm) (non polarisées), jack 6.35 mm x 2.
Fourni avec un boîtier 2 x XLR3F pour micros symétriques.


2 sorties ligne analogiques asymétriques (-10 dBm), Cinch x 2.
1 sortie casque.

Sync & Time Code

Le TC-D5M n'est pas asservissable ni synchronisable et ne gère pas le code temporel.

Power & Dimensions

Alimentation interne 2 piles LR20 1.5 V, autonomie < 3 h ; alimentation secteur 230 V.AC externe.
Dimensions 24 cm x 50 cm x 17 cm. Masse 1.6 kg sans piles.

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