PANASONIC SL-SX220 Portable CD Player
PANASONIC SL-SX220 Portable CD Player
PANASONIC SL-CT810 Portable CD Player
PANASONIC SL-CT810 Portable CD Player
In a nutshell

Panasonic SL-SX220 CD Player is very light and uncumbersome; it is CD-sized and around 1" thick. It has a "Repeat" function which allows looping a track. It is possible to set 24 tracks play order. A "Hold" button disables player controls to avoid wrong moves. A 10 seconds buffer ensures play continuity in case of bump. Two LR 06 batteries provide about thirty hours powering.

Although SL-SX220 is designed to broadcast playback or music on the set, its main use is really wrap party! Actually, the span of life of this player is quite short because it bears neither alcoholic beverages nor soft drinks.

According to availability SL-SX220 may be replaced by the Panasonic SL-CT810 or any other similar player.

Our recommendations

Be careful, if anyway you must use the SL-SX200 (or any other portable CD player) to send a synchronous playback, you must make a copy of the CD on your recorder from the same player. Otherwise, due to internal quartz non-calibration, you could quickly lose picture-sound synchronization.

This product is commonly named:

Panasonic CD, Panasonic, CD

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