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Shure A53M, based upon an innovating design, is a very compact, light (56 grams) and discrete shock mount particularly adapted to Neumann (Series km) and Schoeps (CMC) condenser microphones, whose body diameter is around 3/4"(19 mm), as well to many Shure microphones. It is made up of a rubber torus crimped in a rigid plastic ring which swivels around an axis perpendicular to the microphone one.

This product is commonly named:

Shure A53M, Shure A 53M, Shure A-53M, Shure A53 M, Shure A 53 M, Shure A-53 M, Shure A53-M, Shure A 53-M, Shure A-53-M, A53M, A 53M, A-53M, A53 M, A 53 M, A-53 M, A53-M, A 53-M, A-53-M

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