VDB XL Long Boompole
VDB XL Long Boompole
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VdB XL boompole is the movie feature boom by excellence. Thanks to a high technicality manufacturing process and the choice of an extreme quality graphite fibre module, the VdB boompoles are made up of six segments where their competitors have only five even four. Common concentric coupling collars are however effective with a minimum of torque on a short course. The much reduced weight, the extreme interior and external adjustment precision and the smooth surface make them hands friendly. A foam mushroom cap at their end will prevent excessive shocks on the microphone and interchangeable mounting stud tips allow microphone, suspension or windscreen quick changes.

Because of a 5/1 extension ratio, the VdB XL is the feature production pole par excellence, as well comfortable indoors, even in small sets thanks to its reduced un extended length (110 cm), that valuable outdoors where its 5.6 meters length, possibly increased by a 1 meter extension segment, will reach the sounds to the far background, in particular in cinemascope. The use of an especially manufactured graphite fibre module, because of its extreme strength, ensures stiffness and critical sturdiness to support the significant weight of a microphone windscreen added possibly with a radio transmitter, this over a big length without a too important flexibility. Finally, colour rings separated by 14 cm on all the tubes make it possible to the boom operator to immediately find a preceding length. An essential foam mushroom cap at the bottom will avoid saturating the mixer's ears, like putting the grip or the focus puller eye out in a too violent retreat.

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