HALY-TEK Micro-Cat 2 Lavaliers Windscreens
HALY-TEK Micro-Cat 2 Lavaliers Windscreens
In a nutshell

Haly-Tek Micro-Cat: simple to think, but nobody had done it before Haly Tek does: a small foam of lavalier covered with hairs, on the principle of Rycote Softie. Foam and envelope are elastic, thus adapting to various sizes of lavalier. Hiding the microphone is obviously more delicate than for an unequipped microphone.

This product is commonly named:

Haly-Tek Micro-Cat, Haly-Tek Micro Cat, Haly-Tek MicroCat, HalyTek Micro-Cat, HalyTek Micro Cat, HalyTek MicroCat, Haly Tek Micro-Cat, Haly Tek Micro Cat, Haly Tek MicroCat, Micro-Cat, Micro Cat, MicroCat

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