TASCAM DA-88 8-Track
TASCAM DA-88 8-Track
In a nutshell

Tascam DA-88 is an 8-track digital recorder, on Hi-8 video cassette. Released at the same time as the DAT, it compensates for the limitation of the latter to 2 tracks (apart from the Sony PCM-R204): the tape is of course wider, but the low rolling speed and the rotary drum spiral recording system are the same kind. Therefore the tape transport and the mechanical guiding remain tricky, and it is strongly counselled to play back the tapes on the same recorder. The DA-88 does not allow any post-recording monitoring and does not have a monitor speaker. The tapes - of a certain type and quality - must imperatively be formatted (tracking) before all non-continuous recording. The DA-88 manages the SMPTE time code and is synchronizable in recording as in playback. The TDIF digital format, launched by Tascam together with the DA-88, has little by little become a standard, at least with the music-oriented Japanese manufacturers.

This product is commonly named:

Tascam DA-88, Tascam DA 88, Tascam DA88, DA-88, DA 88, DA88

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Technical specifications

8 pistes numériques sur cassette vidéo Hi-8 MP (nécessitant un formatage préalable à l'enregistrement).
Résolution : 16-bit linéaire, échantillonnage : 44,1 KHz et 48 KHz.


8 entrées ligne analogiques symétriques +4 dBm (conn. Sub-D 25 pts.x 2) et asymétriques -10 DBV (conn. Cinch x 16).
8 entrées numériques format TDIF-1 (conn. Sub-D 25 pts x 1).


8 sorties ligne analogiques symétriques +4 dBm (conn. Sub-D 25 pts x 2) et asymétriques -10 DBV (conn. Cinch x 16).
8 sorties numériques (4 paires) format TDIF-1 (conn. Sub-D 25 pts x 1).
Pas de sortie casque.

Sync & Time Code

Génération, enregistrement et lecture du code SMPTE/EBU (E/S en BNC) par la carte SY-88 incluse.

Power & Dimensions

Alimentation secteur 230 V.AC interne. Consommation 74 W.
Dimensions : 48 cm x 18 cm x 38 cm. Masse 14 kg.

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