Sandisk CompactFlash Card
Sandisk CompactFlash Card
In a nutshell

CompactFlash memory card (CF), although it tends to give way to the SDHC and SDXC Memory Card, is still used on several recorders: Sonosax, Sound Devices, Zaxcom. From its beginning, several types and standards have succeeded. Type I is 3.3 mm thick, while Type II is 5mm. There are further six standards that primarily affect writing speed: the original CF, CF+/CF2.0, CF3.0, CF4.0/CF4.1, CF5.0 and last CF6.0. Finally controller type and memory chip type have evolved over time. They all use a parrallel PATA port minimizing throughput to 167 MB/s when SATA serial port allows, according to standard, 300 to 600 MB/s throughput.

Suffice it to say that the sound mixer can be bewildered in choosing the right media for his recorder or his mixer!

Our recommendations

The only solution is to carefully respect manufacturers compatibility lists who usually rely on Sandisk brand at the root (with others) for CompactFlash Card standardization and specifications. DC Audiovivuel is able to provide CF cards that comply with the recommendations of recorders and field mixers manufacturers.

If the CF card itself is not very fragile, the slot that receives it, with 50 pins, has to be handled with care. A poorly inserted card can easily tweak one of the pins, making slot unusable. So never force.

If a card does not fit, it is because it is not in a good way! This weakness has prompted recorder manufacturers and field mixers to turn to the SDHC/SDXC card whose connection is done by sliding contact.

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