SENNHEISER SK 5012 Transmitter + Lavalier
SENNHEISER SK 5012 Transmitter + Lavalier
In a nutshell

Sennheiser SK 5012, new UHF multichannel transmitter associated with Sennheiser EK 3241 receiver, is much smaller-sized than its competitors: this can be an asset with whimsical actors or when clothing offers few hiding-places. Thanks to new converters, power consumption has been reduced. Two LR03 1.5V batteries provide from 3 to 4 operating hours with 30 mW power, which is much lower than other models of this series or than competing devices: it has an effect on range which is quite lower. Besides, its bass response is rather dry, which makes it fitter for female voices than for male. Lastly, it is wired for direct powering of a T condenser microphone. It is supplied with a Sanken Cos-11 lavalier.

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Technical specifications

SK 5012 émetteur de poche miniature UHF multicanal (16), porteuse de 450 à 960 MHz.
Limiteur et compression/expansion non débrayable (HiDyn Plus).
6 positions de gain micro (-24 à +6 dBm), indication de crête par DEL ; indication de pile faible par DEL clignotante.
THD < 0.3% pour excursion nominale ; BP : 60 - 18 kHz, -3 dB. Puissance HF 30 mW.

Power & Dimensions

Conn. audio Lemo 3 pts. à vis x 1, conn. HF Lemo coax. à vis x 1.
Alimentation interne 2 piles LR03 1.5 V, autonomie env. 6 h.
Dimensions 5.3 cm x 6 cm x 1.7 cm, masse 0.13 kg avec piles.


Emetteur : possibilité d'alimenter des micros à condensateurs type T.

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