AUDIO LTD RX2020 Receiver
AUDIO LTD RX2020 Receiver
In a nutshell

Audio Ltd RX2020 receiver. Introduced about fifteen years ago, Audio Ltd wireless systems have largely contributed to the wide development of radio mike use. Transmitter TX2020, powerful and very autonomous, offers a choice of 32 frequencies ([F1, F2]x16); it accepts line or microphone input, and its LF circuit is remarkable with low-cut filter and discrete compression/expansion system. RX2020 is a miniature multifrequency receiver (32), providing "true diversity" reliability, a subcarrier-controlled squelch and a LED indicator for transmitter battery level. Audio Ltd. Systems have several other advantages: transmitter and receiver easy switching on and off, sturdy connectors easy to wire, a range of clever accessories developed by VDB such as L48 or Spider Box. So it's easy to understand why these systems have replaced their competitors on production shoots, documentaries or ENG.

TX2020/RX2020 are multichannel and miniature. Transmitter accepts any type of lavalier, as well as condenser microphones using VDB L-48 accessory, or dynamic microphones with VDB L-dyn adapter. Thanks to its small size, receiver RX2020 is ideal for video camera connection; it is then camera powered via VDB OL-HRSA cable.

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Technical specifications

RX2020 récépteur UHF « true diversity » de poche, multicanal (F1& F2 x 16), porteuse de 470 à 850 MHz.
1 sortie symétrique micro niveau fixe (-30 dBm), 1 sortie asymétrique casque niveau ajustable.
BP : 50-15 kHz ; THD<0.3% (-6 dBm entrée micro émetteur).
Squelch automatique par fréquence pilote, indication de batterie faible émetteur et récepteur, d'absence de porteuse, du récepteur actif (diversity).

Power & Dimensions

Conn. audio Lemo 6 pts à détrompeur x 1 ; conn. HF SMA x 2.
Alim interne 3 piles lithium CR123 3 V. ou ext. 9-14 V.DC (par le conn. Lemo) ; autonomie env. 8 h. selon sorties.
Dimensions 15 cm x 6.5 cm x 2 cm, masse 0.31 kg avec piles.


Récepteurs : OL-2000, sortie micro sym. ; OL-XLR4M+, bretelle sortie micro sym. pour alim. ext. 12 V.DC sur XLR4M ; OL-HRSA, bretelle sortie sym. micro pour alim. ext. par Betacam ; OL-BALHRS, bretelle sortie ligne sym. XLR3M pour alim par Betacam ; OL-EAR, sortie casque jack stéréo F 6.35 mm.

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