SCHOEPS CMC 1 + MK 4 Frequency Response & Polar Pattern
SCHOEPS CMC 1 + MK 4 Frequency Response & Polar Pattern
In a nutshell

Schoeps CMC 1 (combined here with cardioid MK 4 capsule) is not only a simple 8 cm short sized, lighter (36g vs 60g) version of the famous CMC 6. As for its big brother, the CMC 1 haven't an inbuilt attenuator but it benefits of a 12 db/oct at 20 Hz low-cut filter. This could be very useful for digital recorder mike inputs to avoid quantification noise generated by infra-bass. The CMC 1 power consumption is also radically lowered to 2 mA vs 4 mA at P48, 3 mA vs 8 mA at P12. Its maximum sound pressure level (THD < 0.5 %) is increased (with a MK 4 capsule) from 131 dB-SPL to 135 dB-SPL!
The CMC 1 perfectly enters this family microphones which are very popular on TV stages and in radio studios; they have built their reputation there thanks to a large number of "active" accessories allowing many fittings and combinations. The CMC 1 miniaturization, its precision and its transparency make it a great candidate for stereo pair recording. The CMC 1 microphone preamp can be detached away from MK series capsules via KC active cable (integrating FET) or via GVC swivel which allows the angle between capsule and body axis to be adjusted.

Our recommendations

MK 4 cardioid capsule (pressure gradient transducer) is more wind and movement sensitive than its omnidirectional equivalent (pressure transducer); so it requires the use of a windscreen (foam or polyester basket-type B 20/W 20) when it is mounted on a moving boom, or placed close to the mouth (plosives).

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Technical specifications
Type & Power

CMC 1 : Préampli adaptateur d'impédance pour les capsules série MK, alim. 48 V.Ph. (conso. 2 mA) ou 12 V.Ph. (conso 3 mA).


CMC 1 : Imp. Sortie 50 Ohms, coupure 20 Hz -12 dB.

MK 4 : 13 mV/Pa ; niveau max. 135 dB pour THD<0.5%.

Directivity & Bandwidth

Gradient de pression ; cardioïde, BP : 40 - 20 kHz, ± 3 dB.

Connectors & Dimensions

CMC 1 + MK 4 : Dimensions 5.7 cm x 2 cm (diam.), masse 0.053 kg. Conn. XLR3M

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