DPA 4080 Lavalier
DPA 4080 Lavalier
DPA 4080 Lavalier Frequency Response
DPA 4080 Lavalier Frequency Response
DPA 4080 Lavalier Polar Pattern
DPA 4080 Lavalier Polar Pattern
In a nutshell

Because of the DPA 4080 launching, will the famous MKE 40 Sennheiser lavalier mic disappear from television stages? Danish company DPA offers the miniature DPA 4080-BM, cardioid electret lavalier mic, much less bulky than the MKE 40. It is designed to be body-mounted approximately 20-25 cm from the mouth. It offers a 4 dB at 3.2 kHz presence boost which improves speech intelligibility and definition. It comes with a pre-mounted pop-filter, serving also as a windshield, because pressure gradient mics, like this DPA 4080, are far more wind sensitive.

The integrated mini shock mount is an innovative mounting solution which allows the mic to be easily turned in any direction. This shock mount is very efficient at reducing rubbing noise in case of sudden movement.

No doubt this modern mic will be of interest to many sound mixers who will prefer it to the ancient but still sturdy MKE 40.

This product is commonly named:

DPA 4080, DPA4080, DPA-4080, 4080

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Technical specifications
Type & Power

Statique à électret (cravate) à montage vertical, alim. par adaptateur (Ph. 5/50 V.) ou par l'émetteur HF ; conso. 0.1 mA.


20 mV/Pa ; niveau max. 134 dB SPL pour THD<1%.

Directivity & Bandwidth

Gradient de pression ; cardioïde, (bosse env.4 dB à 5 kHz), BP : 250 - 17 kHz, ± 2 dB.

Connectors & Dimensions

Dimensions 3.0 cm x 0.30 cm (diam.) 0.10 cm (capsule), masse 0.015 kg. Conn. pour émetteur HF/adaptateur Ph. 48 V, XLR3M

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