TENTACLE SYNC Timecode Generator Front
TENTACLE SYNC Timecode Generator Front
TENTACLE SYNC Timecode Generator Bottom & Rear
TENTACLE SYNC Timecode Generator Bottom & Rear
In a nutshell

The miniature Tentacle Sync box is a Timecode generator that must be configured on a computer or on a smartphone.

Two modes are possible depending on the way of starting it:
- Slave (Jam-Sync, Red Mode) by briefly pressing the power button.
- Master Clock (Green Mode) by pressing and holding the power button.

With a predicted accuracy of a sliding image in 24 hours, the Tentacle Sync equates the best timecode generators like the Aaton, Ambient, Denecke. It allows all the usual Timecode modes: 23.98, 24.25, 29.97, 29.97DF and 30 fps.

Powered by an internal Lithium battery whose fast charge in one hour and a half is made via a conventional micro-USB port, it has a battery life of about forty hours.

Probably for reasons of cost and space, Timecode input/output is made on a mini-jack. Suitable cables are therefore necessary for its use.

For setting up the device, internal clock, cadence, and specialy output level, it is absolutely necessary to go through an application, on PC or Mac computer, or on Apple or Android smartphone (app to download on App Store or Google Play). Unfortunately, the Android application proves to be incompatible with most smartphones because it requires a smartphone with an OTG USB port (in addition to Android version 5.0 and higher). However, the setup is only to be made before shooting, unless you change the cadence or type of camera during the day.

Our recommendations

Despite a relatively fragile plastic case and its mini jack connector, not perfect in the world of pro audio, no doubt that this small box will delight camera assistants for its size similar to a small box of matches, its featherweight of 30 grams and its Velcro®-like hook fastening surface!

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