RTS ZEUS III LE+ Digital Intercom Matrix
RTS ZEUS III LE+ Digital Intercom Matrix
RTS ZEUS III LE+ Digital Intercom Matrix Front & Rear Panels
RTS ZEUS III LE+ Digital Intercom Matrix Front & Rear Panels
In a nutshell

Zeus III LE+, from RTS, a world-renowned intercom brand, specializing in major events (SuperBowl, Football World Cup), is a 16-port intercom matrix.

Each of its ports in RJ-45 allows a 4-wire roundtrip connection to user panels such as the KP-3016 or DKP-4016 via their analog FRAME port. Two XLR connectors are provided to connect a 2-wire system such as the PS-20 wired intercom supply to which the beltpacks BP-325 are linked.

These connectors are assembled on a patch made by DC Audiovisuel also including an XLR IN connector and an XLR OUT connector for each of the first 15 ports of the Zeus. Integrated in a portable rack with the ZEUS, this patch also includes an RJ-45 port dedicated to the connection of an intercom channel of a HME base.

User then acts on a panel, in a rackable format like the KP-3016, or in the desktop format like the DKP-4016, which have 16 multidirectional levers called keys. A gooseneck microphone on a 1/4" jack and an internal loudspeaker, or any XLR5 male headset in RTS format, serve as communication elements on these panels.

An upward pressure allows listening to channel (LISTEN) corresponding to the key used, while a downward pressure makes it possible addressing to channel (TALK). Note that the LISTEN channel and the TALK channel can be independent. Pressing to the left decreases the volume of the tuned channel, pressing it to the right increases that volume.

Our recommendations

The AZEdit software, free download, allows to control all functions of the Zeus. The main interest of this system is that everything is manageable and assignable to any key LISTEN and/or TALK, meeting most technical needs in intercom, among others:
- Routing between panels, 4-wire and 2-wire systems.
- Creation of groups of locutors multi- or uni-directional.
- Creation of programmable logic functions.
- Activation of relays to trigger a red.

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