MOTOROLA GP300 Analogue Walkie-Talkie Pair
MOTOROLA GP300 Analogue Walkie-Talkie Pair
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With Motorola GP300, the American manufacturer reputation is well established: a sturdy product in every condition and user-friendly. Its main features are: 16 switchable channels thanks to a rotary knob; a volume knob which plays also as an on/off switch; a push rod to control the transmission; an unbreakable whip antenna. There are several battery chargers available: single unit or six unit station in a single case. DC Audiovisuel, who is an official Motorola distributor, owns a data-processing bench allowing various settings: transmission frequencies, transmission power and carrier frequency encoding (private line) which avoids jamming and interception by other device transmitting on the same frequency.

This product is commonly named:

Motorola GP300, Motorola GP 300, Motorola GP-300, GP300, GP 300, GP-300, Motorola T3010, Motorola T 3010, Motorola T-3010, T3010, T 3010, T-3010, Motorola Radius P210, Motorola Radius P 210, Motorola Radius P-210, Motorola Radius, Radius P210, Radius P 210, Radius P-210, Radius

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