AMBIENT QP 480, QL 480 Medium Boompole
AMBIENT QP 480, QL 480 Medium Boompole
In a nutshell

Ambient QP 480 or Ambient QL 480 poles have the sturdiness of their origin. QP Series proposes poles with 4 segments, manufactured with a special spiral graphite fibre module, 1.5 mm thick, thus ensuring sturdiness in compression mode and an exceptional stiffness and consequently reduced handling noise. But that implies rather long folded up poles, therefore not very practical for transportation, which reach common extended lengths with a relatively small extension ratio; these poles will be thus less ambivalent. Oversized locking collars are as soft as effective; the rubber mushroom base will avoid shock transmission to the microphone.

DC Audiovisuel also proposes QL series, with a thicker graphite fibre (1 mm), therefore lighter, but also more flexible and fragile because of a manufacture by cross winding and not spiralling, making it however possible to have 5 segments with a hardly higher extension ratio.

QP 480 medium pole, with a 3.3/1 extension ratio and a length extending from 105 to 350 cm, thanks to its reduced handling noise, will be perfect for interior sets with bass sensitive microphones like the Sennheiser MKH 50. Its sturdiness also particularly predisposes it with ENG or documentary shootings where it is necessary to battle to find its place, as at the 1st Downing Street Door. Its equivalent QL 580 (84-320 cm, 3.8/1 extension ratio), thanks to its weight and damp resistance will be ideal for high risk mountain productions.

This product is commonly named:

Ambient QP 480, Ambient QP-480, Ambient QP480, QP 480, QP-480, QP480, Ambient QL 480, Ambient QL-480, Ambient QL480, QL 480, QL-480, QL480

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