CANFORD BBC-Probe Analog Telephone Hybrid
CANFORD BBC-Probe Analog Telephone Hybrid
In a nutshell

Canford "BBC-Probe" Telephone Line Insert is a reporter telephone which is designed to record a phone call between an interviewer speaking into a microphone and someone speaking into a phone set. It is very simple to use: connect the device to a dialup line, then a dynamic microphone to it - it could be a line level source (jingle, credits, ambiance music, etc.) - and finally headphones for the reporter. On the other side, connect the recorder inputs and/or the radio antenna output; finally dial the phone number. After having mixed down the microphone input, line input and the caller, just record and/or radio transmit. The Canford reporter telephone is 24 V DC powered whether by an external AC power adapter or by 3 internal 6 LR61 (9 V) batteries.

This product is commonly named:

Canford BBC-Probe, Canford BBC Probe, Canford BBCProbe, BBC-Probe, BBC Probe, BBCProbe

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