RYCOTE Windscreen + Jersey + Windjammer
RYCOTE Windscreen + Jersey + Windjammer
In a nutshell

Rycote windscreen, often copied, seldom equalized: for more than twenty years, Rycote has equipped the majority of microphones in case of outdoors sound recording. A rigid Nylon basket, doubled inside with acoustic foam, encloses an elastic suspension specific to the microphone type. While a gently breeze, an acoustic fabric sock (Jersey) slips around the plastic basket. And while the wind is forcing, a second sock (Windjammer), thicker and made of long hairs, causes the air flow "to slow down", thus attenuating the wind shock on the basket. However, while raining, Windjammer is quickly saturated with water so the rain drops become audible and the microphone finishes by being wet. This is why DC Audiovisuel designed complementary envelopes, as effective in rain as in very strong wind condition. When it was introduced in France, Windjammer was a true revolution compared to the simply formed envelopes of Nylon stocking tended on a metal cage.

This rate applies if taken alone without any microphone.

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