Serge Bosc & Daniel Bélanger at DCA, mid-80's
Serge Bosc & Daniel Bélanger at DCA, mid-80's
Daniel was production sound mixer for many years, and an outstanding electronics and mechanic engineer, he joined our company to install and design our tranfer studios.

He also worked with Serge Bosc to troubleshoot Fougerolle's Picot 2000 magnetic perfo recorders, which was no mean feat.

Then he was in charge of renting the famous Akai DD1500, which revolutionized virtual sound editing, at our Courbevoie premises, a stone's throw from the SIS recording studios. Later he was in charge of Merging's Pyramix software distribution.

He decided to retire in 2014.

There was never a dull moment in his presence, because he always had some anecdote to tell.

I remember shooting Robert Altman's film Ready to Wear [Prêt-à-porter] in 1994, with Alain Curvelier as production sound mixer, using 24-track digital technology with three Tascam DA-88 recorders, a real gas factory.

The head of the sound department at Miramax, the movie's producer, came to visit us to check our technical skills.

He was reassured to learn that Daniel had worked on the Altman's 1987 film Beyond Therapy.

He told us about his grandfather, who had taken part in the Normandy landings in June '44 and discovered Normandy cider, which he said was the best in the world. Daniel returned a few moments later with a bottle of Christian Drouin Calvados, which he called apple juice. After three or four glasses, our American became so brain-fogged that he had to be escorted back to his hotel and put to bed.

Hats off to all the work done at DCA, a lot of pain, but I still smile at the memories of all those good times spent together.

Michel Durrande
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