Jacques Tati, Jour de fête (The Big Day), 1949
Jacques Tati, Jour de fête (The Big Day), 1949
François Truffaut, Letters to writers, 2022
François Truffaut, Letters to writers, 2022
2001 Odyssey, HAL 9000, is it the first AI computer in 1968?
2001 Odyssey, HAL 9000, is it the first AI computer in 1968?
Hollywood writers picket outside of Paramount Pictures<br/><em>Mandalit del Barco/NPR News</em>
Hollywood writers picket outside of Paramount Pictures
Mandalit del Barco/NPR News
He had understood that success, comfort and progress are worth little if no one knows anyone, if authentic life disappears through false exchanges and a continual acceleration of ways of living.

His other films are no different, contrasting poetry with rationality, slowness with efficiency, craftsmanship with technology, the bicycle with the car, the world of childhood with that of adults.

You have to live with the times, You can't stop progress, we say with a smile that is tantamount to acquiescence or renunciation. Thanks to the Internet, we can discover some remarkable blogs on cinema, literature and music. But they are largely supplanted by Facebook and Instagram accounts, which often reflect narcissism, exhibitionism, and its voyeuristic counterpart, which is frighteningly insignificant.

Who will publish the emails of 21st century writers, and who among them will even think it worth keeping them, and what will become of our culture and our way of life without real letters?

François Truffaut's letters to his favourite writers have recently been published (Gallimard, 2022). From his first letter to Jean Cocteau in 1948, via Genet, Audiberti, Louise de Vilmorin, Ray Bradbury... to Jean Mambrino a few months before his death: Happy New Year 1984, my dear Jean, I'm getting back on track, I read your poems, they help me, and your signs of friendship mean a lot to me. Yours affectionately, François.

The millions of ephemeral messages, photos and videos we produce every day on social networks are stored in the Cloud but will eventually disappear into the digital night.

Artificial intelligence has spread like wildfire since the ChatGBT conversational robot went online a year ago.

The Safe Zone - ChatGPT AI © 2022, 28 Squared Studios, Moon Ventures
Script, movie direction, art direction and storyboard generated by ChatGPT
The Safe Zone Film
Cinema must be created by human beings and make us think! said Ruben Östlund, President of the Cannes 2023 Festival Jury. From scriptwriting to dubbing, editing, special effects and stunts, AI is doing so much that it is threatening the very meaning of creation and putting jobs at risk.

The Frost: Part One - DALL-E 2 AI © 2023, Waymark Creative Labs, Latent Cinema
A SF movie created entirely with DALL·E 2 AI generated imagery
The Frost: Part One
Long before the first shot is fired, algorithms can be called in at the pre-production stage to indicate whether or not it is wise to invest in a project, and to recommend solutions for optimising its impact on the public. Their widespread use would jeopardise not only the production trades, but also the variety and originality of the works.

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School For Postmen (L'École des facteurs) - Jacques Tati @ 1946, Cady-Films, Les Films de Mon Oncle - All rights reserved
A movie written & directed by a human, cinematographied by humans & played by humans (and a bike)!
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