DC Audiovisuel Big Box cargobike
DC Audiovisuel Big Box cargobike
From 1st January 2024, films, series and TV dramas will be required to estimate their carbon emissions in order to be eligible for public aid, the CNC (French National Center for Cinema) has just announced.

They will notably be required to calculate the total CO2 emissions during all aspects of shooting including transportation, catering, technical resources, special effects, etc.

For the coming three years, the CNC has opted for the following:
- The launch of initial training programmes in cinema schools and institutes.
- The requirement to draw up a carbon assessment for any creation or project receiving CNC funding from 2023 onwards.
- The prerequisite of meeting certain obligations from 2024 in order to be eligible for financial assistance.

Ecoprod (an audiovisual consultant in Paris) was commissioned to take an active role in discussions in order to harmonise and collate all data and reference indexes which would allow for greater legibility of carbon assessments.

It is in this perspective of carbon neutrality* that we decided to offer rental of “Big Box" cargobikes (manufactured by french Eco-Triporteur) for sound engineer travel requirements.

The front-mounted box, which can be securely locked, is made from composite material which makes it lightweight, less fragile and resistant to bad weather. It has a total capacity of 90 kg (small film sets) or 140 kg with reinforced wheels, which is more than enough to carry all of the sound gear for feature length film sets or a full-length TV series. The opening allows for perfect organisation of equipment. Fitted with Schwalbe Big Ben puncture-resistant tyres. We are also studying the possibility of easy removal of the box with caster feet so as to be wheeled directly on set for use as a sound cart.

The Big Box cargobike has a 615 W (12.8 Ah) Lithium-ion 48V battery, which also powers all filming equipment via a Mentor or Junior power station. And there’s no need for an HGV licence to drive it!

But take care, the Big Box cargobike is not suitable for carrying actors!

* Carbon neutrality is an expression which is sometimes contested, but used in a regulatory framework to define trajectories and targets.
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