Telemak3 with Canon 5D and Cinela flash hotshoe
Telemak3 with Canon 5D and Cinela flash hotshoe
The latest series of Telemak3, bringing the number of assembled units to 104, is available for sale since mid-October. The features that have made it famous are well known: sound quality, ease of use, flexibility and versatility, unmatched autonomy.

Yet, the quality mic mounted on the DSLR lacked a decent shockmount: CINELA finally filled in this gap. All types of OSIX can now be mounted on camera flash shoe, thanks to a special adaptation.

Effect is remarkable: shock or handling noise on the case is completely inaudible². In short, pure CINELA!

The shockmount is fitted directly on the flash shoe without ball joint. The mic is thus lower, compared to conventional mounting (with Shure A53M shockmount for instance), and holds better on the camera. No more damages through low doorways...

Telemak3 and OSIX for DSLR are available for sale and rental at DC Audiovisuel.

¹ except for Sound Devices Mix Pre-D
² except for engine noise and ring rattling that OSIX is not designed to make disappear
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