Summer will not be deadly on film sets
Summer will not be deadly on film sets
Actually, before the start of Avignon Festival, the government has found a solution to the thorny problem of cinema collective agreement: the agreement will be extended by decree, to the whole industry, from October 1, 2013 and not July 1.

This decision allows the government to extinguish the fire that had been brewing for several weeks, but in fact solves nothing on the bottom.

The executive must call the two parties to negotiate, during the summer at the earliest, and no later than September, to find a common ground on the famous Appendix III, which sets out arrangements for movies called diversity movies.

It is not at all sure that unions, which are very touchy on the subject, due to increasingly difficult shooting conditions, will be willing to do significant concessions. Especially since, according to them, the concessions of Annex III are already significant for employees.

In three months they are indeed certain to get the collective agreement as it currently exists, according to the text of 19 January 2012.
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