Sennheiser HD 218
Sennheiser HD 218
Here is a new concept at Sennheiser with the very carefully designed HD 218. Very similar, both on ergonomics and acoustics, to the HD 228, which David Guetta praised all summer long, on the advertising boards of France and Ibiza, HD 218 is a closed headphone with good insulation from outer noises, even in difficult conditions, like, for example, on a street with heavy traffic.

Rich in bass but without excess (anyway, you are not afraid of anything, since you've been using Osix shockmounts from Cinela), it's perfectly fit for line monitoring, thanks to very good sound quality, in relation to such light size and weight. It weighs only 92 g and is still comfortable, even after several hours, thanks to very good ergonomics

Its soft and ergonomic earphones on axial pivot perfectly adjust to the ear and can be set individually. Its hoop is padded and fits perfectly to all morphologies and haircut.

HD 218 transducers use powerful neodyme magnets with ferrous alloy (Nd2Fe14B), generally used on top of the range headphone membranes.

When you are not on a film shoot, you can even stroll about Saint-Tropez streets, with your HD 218 on and a brand new iPod, go and enjoy hot chocolate at Senequier, and finish the day in a "trendy evening" on David Guetta's mix.
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