DC Audiovisuel's customized Drawmer KickBox
DC Audiovisuel's customized Drawmer KickBox
Drawmer KickBox: 4 inputs to 16 outputs
Drawmer KickBox: 4 inputs to 16 outputs
Drawmer KickBox: removable lid and 12 V powering
Drawmer KickBox: removable lid and 12 V powering
This very flexible system is an active signal splitter: four separate inputs, either line or microphone level, can be each fed to a group of four outputs. Each input is fitted with trimmable gain (0 to +66 dB), LED VU meter, switchable send to the monitor headphone amplifier, and offers switchable 48 V Phantom power.

The Drawmer Kickbox 4x4 allows different settings:
- 1 input to 16 outputs,
- 2 inputs to 8 outputs each,
- 1 input to 12 outputs, and 1 input to 4 outputs,
- 4 inputs to 4 outputs each.
Obviously, the first setting is ideal for a press conference room.

KickBox 4x4 comes in a ruggedized Pelicase, from which the lid can be removed. Inputs and outputs are on XLR connectors according to standards. Original power supply is 100-220 V AC, 50 to 60 Hz only.

Three major upgrades have been performed on DC Audiovisuel benches:
- Every output has been fitted with an audio transformer in order to offer total galvanic insulation between all outputs, while maintaining proper audio signal balance;
- KickBox has been fitted with an external DC power supply ability (12 V DC, XLR4M). When AC mains is on, the external battery is automatically disconnected, for power saving. Battery is automatically inserted as soon as AC mains is off. A two-coloured LED right above the battery connector warns the user on the battery status : green, battery OK. Red, dead battery (below 10.8 V, SLA setting).
- A mixing stage has been added for summing inputs 1 & 2 on the first group of four outputs: just push in the red knob. As "Link" switches remain active on channels 2, 3 and 4, mix of 1 & 2 inputs can be replicated on every 16 outputs.

As a conclusion, a simple passive box might be good enough for duplicating a single signal. But when it comes to replicating more than one signal, or when a great deal of outputs have to be fed, then KickBox 4x4 gets mandatory: KickBox 4x4 is much lighter and compact than any passive splitter boxes stack. Not to mention audio signal quality...

DCA's customized Drawmer KickBox 4x4 is definitely THE on location solution for active audio signal splitting!
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