Happy '08 new year
Happy '08 new year
Time is not change, but cannot be without change; exactly as time is not movement but cannot be without movement. It would be difficult to define change without any reference to time.

As we begin 2008, DC Audiovisuel is entering its thirtieth year of business.

1978: Movie time

Jean-Pierre Beauviala, and his company Aaton, had just invented movie "time", the only "time" standard linking image and sound. This "time" was marked in clear on film and on 16 mm perforated white tape, thus, it made possible to regain the synchronization of events inevitably separated by shooting technique.

Thirty years ago, radio mikes could only work for a very short time, generally during rehearsals, or up to clapperboard, before untimely disturbances appear, making take useless, just good enough for sync detection.

2008: Our projects and achievements

Sound mixers now tend to work with smaller and lighter equipment. So, they replace their bulky desk mixer by Cantarem. In return, radio mike use, on film shoots, has increased tremendously. Quite often, sound mixers can make use of up to eight radio mikes for a difficult sequence. Given the limitations of Cantar, it was necessary to attach a cumbersome mixer to Cantarem. Therefore, during the last quarter of 2007, DCA has decided to start designing and manufacturing an ergonomic box, as small as possible, including 4 mike preamps, 48V power per channel, low-cut, parametric and other gadgets. A switch makes possible line input, avoiding a waste of time replugging Cantar. This innovation is currently tested on a fiction film.

2008 will also see the outcome of a single directive radio-mike antenna development. Thanks to this new antenna, it will be possible to use radio mikes on all 470-870 MHz band, together with A.I.R. (Radio Interference Analyzer), which makes possible its fine tuning.

In 2008, there will also be something new with our partner Cinela: they will begin to manufacture the long awaited Zephyx windjammer and they still develop new Osix shock mounts. Moreover, their new Sennheiser MKH 8000 shock mount is already available.

Rereading these lines, it seems obvious that, as science philosopher Stephen Klein wrote it, "the time factor never rings twice". It is therefore time to wish you all and your loved ones a wonderful 2008.
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