Hush Heels+ for more silence
Hush Heels+ for more silence
Precut foam Hush Heels+
Precut foam Hush Heels+
Precut foam Hush Heels+
Precut foam Hush Heels+
A solution is to turn oneself into a carpet layer, provided director’s agreement.

Another solution is to stick felt under the heels, which of course softens noises, but makes shoes very slippery, "walking on ice" way.

DC Audiovisuel now distributes Hush Heels+, which have become more efficient thanks to a more powerful adhesive. Before sticking it, you must clean the heels to remove any mark of dirtiness and moisture. We recommend using alcohol, but cleaning with the glue side of a piece of gaffer tape is as efficient.

Additional layers of foam have been added, which very much soften noises of heels on ground.

The package includes 10 precut foam sheets good for man or woman shoes, for heels or forefeet, saving a lot of time, compared to personal cutting on set.

Therefore, Hush Heels+ bring a true assistance to sound mixers, but alas do not contribute, in a miraculous way, to soften other sound disturbances.

Roland Barthes (the philosopher, not the football player) liked to tell his students this small story:

“A disabled person plunges into Lourdes waters so that his situation improves and arises from it with a brand new wheelchair…”

Available at DCA, Hush Heels+ are proposed in 10 sheets package at a cost of 25 euro ex/VAT.
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le truc colle bien à la semelle et ça devient même une chianlie pour l'enlever. Mais la matière même s'écrase très vite sous les pas de nos histrions galopant et il n'en reste pas moult en épaisseur, d'où le fait que cela ne produit plus aucun effet.
Dodo Levert raisonnera en ce sens également. Vous pouvez l'enquiquiner pour en savoir davantage.

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