dcaudiovisuel.com crashed hard drive
dcaudiovisuel.com crashed hard drive
On 14th December 2006 night, the hard drive of the dedicated server, on which dcaudiovisuel.com website is hosted, suddenly broke. It caused the service to stop during more than 72 hours. In fact, the server supplier had no replacement hard drive of the same model in stock, so it was necessary to wait for more than 12 hours before computer could restart. At last, time needed to collect all the unfortunate bits fallen down (some of them were so frightened that they hid behind server racks), and then time to reinstall the system and time to restore backed up data were longer than was planed.

DC Audiovisuel thus would apologize for this temporary service interruption, really independent of its will.

We would like to seize this opportunity to remind you that in any computer processing system, no hard drive is safe from critical failure. What applies to a computer, also applies to our favourite recorders, Cantar or other. As a matter of fact, hard drives used as well in computers as in recorders are mass produced, which, in spite of the care taken in manufacturing in highly technical clean rooms, remain mechanical systems that micron precision machining makes particularly vulnerable.

There is only one rule: backup your files, whether they are data or sound!
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