Sennheiser SK 5212 Transmitter
Sennheiser SK 5212 Transmitter
Sennheiser SK 5212 vs. SK 5012 Transmitter
Sennheiser SK 5212 vs. SK 5012 Transmitter
The challenge was serious: we had to equip riders with transmitters as discreet as possible, without hampering them during the race, nor letting show any unsightly and suspicious bulge under their jersey. They are such show-offs!

As traditional Sennheiser SK 5012 transmitter does lack power with its 30 mW, we have chosen the new SK 5212 whose power goes up to 50 mW. A very valuable gain for reports made in often acrobatic and uncontrollable conditions.

Thicker than his big brother, but shorter it needs only one AA battery instead of two AAA for the SK 5012.
Technical data of this transmitter are remarkable:

- frequency range from 450 to 950 MHz adjustable by steps of 5 kHz
- RF output power is 50 mW with 5 hours operating time switchable to 10 mW for 11 hours
- transmission of the battery status towards the receiver
- integrated high-pass filter at 60 and 120 Hz
- adjustable input sensitivity by 1 dB steps between -30 and + 40 dB.

Its menu-driven operation is really friendly and doesn't give any headache. And this is really an asset when one is into “speed” as some riders of the Tour might have been...

This new transmitter is already available at DC Audiovisuel at the SK 5012 rate.
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